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The Helen Twowheels Super Packing SystemTM helps you pack everything you need for a weekend trip or cross country trip onto your bike. With three main types of bags- the Roll Top Sack, Cord Close Sack and Clothes Sack plus packing straps, you will have everything you need for your trip!

All of the bags are made of black, high quality, rugged, waterproof material that is laminated on the inside with a layer of polyvinyl. On the clothes sacks and roll top sacks, all seams are sealed and, once rolled, both styles of bag are waterproof. All have the unique reflective, slotted strap the entire length for attachment versatility and only the finest quality nylon hardware. 

Helen Twowheels


FIRST RULEA tightly packed bag is a happy bag! Packed tight and attached tight to the bike.

SECOND RULE: Keep the wet stuff away from the dry stuff!

DRY stuff: sleeping bag, thermarest, clothes, etc.

WET stuff: tent, drop cloth, yaddah yaddah

THIRD RULE: Keep the long hard stuff away from the soft squishy stuff!

The DRY stuff is also SOFT stuff… and is compressible…

The WET stuff is often LONG HARD stuff… and will rub holes in the ends of your bag if compressed.

Helen Twowheels


Helen Twowheels

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